Men’s stainless steel safety razor and stand Raw Shaving

Magnetic therapy healing device version II

Exotic wood fruit bowl

Wireless remote surveillance camera version II

Wireless remote surveillance camera

Tahari pants/skirt hanger

Patented souvenir air capturing device

Calvin Klein pants/skirt hanger

Men’s/women’s porcelain razor stand

Rig hanger design Calvin Klein

Carbon fiber eye glass holder

Mannequin rig Vera Wang

Furniture concept design – ROUND

Teak wood chaise lounge

Magnetic therapy healing device

Men’s gold safety razor

Hand held wireless medical scanning

Golf training aid – plastic & rubber

Waterproof coaxial cable box

Medical cart with monitor

Off road satellite tracking device

Eyeglass POP display for Ralph Lauren

Bicycle lock for car rear bike racks

Patented automotive child safety vest

Condiment & spices dispenser for Sou Chef

Patented child luggage/carrier with locking wheels

Yachting boarding steps

Shopping cart locking device

Helmet mounted miniature camera

Carbon fiber boarding ramp

Mave New York – Women’s total shaving accessories

Studio microphone shield

Men’s pure badger shaving brush and stand Raw Shaving

Ferrari Vent

Aston Martin DB5 air vent

XBlox variable weight exercise equipment

Patented locking wheel device for child carrying luggage product

Ice cooler concept BevRAGE

Plumbing snake device

Sea Glide – Collaborative concept design

RC car chassis

Dano Belt Battery Charger

Cobra BMS, Inc Thermostat wall unit

Exotic wood hangers