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Ferrari Vent

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As an outstanding centrifugal blower manufacturer, centrifugal blower manufacturer and industrial axial fans manufacturer, ferrari asia ventilation provides wide range of industrial fans / industrial blowers as total solution to our valued customers.


Specifications:     V = 0,1 ÷ 60 m3/s     Pt = 1000 ÷ 20000 Pa

Industrial fan/ industrial blower: For the pneumatic conveyance of dust laden air, with the exclusion of fibrous materials.

Impellers with backward curved blades.

Suitable for pneumatic conveyance of air, including sawdust and short wooden chips; it is characterized by an high efficiency.

Particularly used in drying systems, forced draughts, glassworks, mill and marble industries. This series is paritucaly suitable for the glassworks industry and used as combustion air and cooling fans for the furnace area, exhaust fans, recovery systems, and recirculation fans during the process of forming the glass as well as mold cooling and air staging. The furnace is required to be equipped with proper cooling and combustion equipment whilst exhausts and fresh air are necessary to provide for the comfort of operators. The process of glass production uses fans for tempering of glass. To complete a specific set of surface properties, it needs the high-temperature sheets of glass and metal to be exposed to high-velocity ambient air from glass blowers. During the part of a continuous operation, the air is typically filtered and directed onto the hot surface. There are numerous steps of air jets which are directed at the quenched surface as long as the requisite surface temperature is accomplished. As the air is a poor heat transfer medium, the air-quench tempering blowers can considerably demand the air and horsepower. Therefore, the highest efficiency metal or glass tempering blowers are applied for this application.